Dear scientists,

Sempozyum Afiş

We are happy to invite you to International  Social and Educational Science Symposium (USVES)

Which is going to be held in control of International Balkan University , on October

9th -10th. International Social and Educational Sciences Symposium is a congress giving priority to academic concerns and aims to contribute to the works of scientists with the help of interactions provided in the symposium.

The notices in USVES can be presented in English or Turkish and the participants are predicted to give their presentations in 15 minutes. In addition, the notices are going to be evaluated with double_blind review and the ones accepted are going to be published with Isbn in the summary booklet.

Important Dates

  • Notice Summary Delivery starting Date: 24.07.2020
  • Notice Summary Delivery Due Date: 30.09.2020
  • Declaration of Accepted Notices: 01.10.2020
  • Symposium Payment Due Date: 02.10.2020
  • Declaration of Symposium Programme: : 05.10.2020
  • Symposium Starting Date: 09.10.2020
  • Symposium Ending Date: 10.10.2020
  • Full Text Delivery Starting Date: 16.10.2020
  • Full Text Delivery Ending Date: 25.10.2020


  • Writing and Publishing Principals

Honorary Guests

Keynote Speakers

Prof.Dr. Uulkan Kambaralieva
American University of Central Asia

Assoc. Prof. Melinda KOSTELAC
University of Rijeka

Asistant Prof. Ljubica Jocic Knezevic
University of Belgrade, Serbia
Assoc. Prof. Huda Hussein Azeez
Bağdat Üniversitesi

Prof. Dr. Cemile Hesenzade
Azerbaycan Devlet İlimler Akademisi